Taste of Eden Market

It all started with a question.

How can we provide more local fresh organic food? The answer seemed easy…Grow more. But then another question popped up. How do we get it to people? Farmers' Markets seemed limiting. You'd lose a day just being there, and if the weather was lousy you could lose what you harvested and have no one to sell it to. Restaurants want your produce, but they don't have the time to talk to 10 different produce suppliers. And we didn't have enough produce for grocery stores (which waste too much food anyway). That is How the Taste of Eden Market was born. Any easy platform that anyone can use, can shop multiple local farms, and get it delivered right to their door. Farmers' love it because the store is always open and they don't have to harvest until the product is sold. Shoppers love it because they can shop at their own convenience. It is a win win for everyone and brings healthier food to you faster. No more wondering how long that apple has been in storage or how many miles those tomatoes have traveled. With the Taste of Eden Market you know exactly where your food is coming from, who is growing it, and that it is guaranteed fresh. 

A Unique Opportunity

One of the troubles we ran into was that there wasn't enough local food being grown. So we partnered with the Eden Restoration Project to promote local growing, create growing spaces, and train future growers. With their growing methods and outreach they've partnered with other community growers and have helped establish just about 20 acres of land, acquired 2 hoop houses, assisted with launching an aquaponics training greenhouse, and are looking to find 100 people that want to grow local and feed their family and neighborhood. 

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